Real Life Lesbian Couple!


  1. Willow and Ivy are excellent additions to Nikki’s Nymphs. A very tranquil photo set. Thank you Willow. Thank you Ivy. Thank you Nikki.

    Nikki, I’ve been using the word “tranquil” a lot here lately. Your models never look as if they have a cab waiting with the meter running. For that I am grateful and I thank you again!

  2. gatoblanco says:

    There is nothing sexier to me than seeing 2 hot, hairy girls being intimate.

  3. The word art in the dictionary should have Willow and Ivy beside it, their bodies together in a loving embrace is pure art. In fact they have beautiful art on their bodies, I love reading their tattoos! These two deserve another scene together, especially since they are a real couple, it may seem greedy to ask for more after they’ve given so much of their love to us all ready but I would kill to see them in a 69 position and maybe some trib action! Anyway thanks so much girls and the excellent photographer.

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