Redwood Goddess


  1. I love the shots of Vestacia´s labia. That´s not just a bush, that´s a beard! Great stuff!

  2. Absolutely awesome pits!!!! Just gorgeous!!!

  3. celerylover says:

    She is pure magic.

  4. She’s the very reason I signed up for this site. Get her and Cookie to do a girl-girl scene–hell, even just stand naked together in the same room–I’ll sign up for a year-long membership. No joke.

    Regardless, thank you for having her on your site–Vestacia is pure perfection. She has my vote for president in 2020 as long as Trump doesn’t have a chance at winning in my state. (We’re a solid blue state–the vote is practically hers!)

    Four more shoots! Four more shoots!

    • Nikki Silver says:

      She is great! I already have Vestacia booked for a girl/girl shoot with Jane(as well as more solo content, and we are shooting the desert!). I think the blonde and brunette will look beautiful together but I’d be happy to shoot her with Cookie if Cookie is interested. It’s a matter of getting everyone in the same place because we live all over!

  5. canklelover says:

    Miss Nikki, thank you for more shots of Miss Vestacia! She is so lovely! Beautiful face, amazing hairy body! I especially like shots 19 and 23 which show off her sexy lady ‘stache!

  6. gatoblanco says:

    Its sexy as hell that she is always just a little sweaty in the armpits. I really love this girl!!!!!

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