1. farce4440 says:

    Are people turned on by this? Seriously, not hating… this is a thing?

    • Considering how much of a taboo smoking has become, it has simultaneously become a huge fetish. Big surprise. Look at (almost) any webcam modelĀ“s profile, and you will see smoking as one of the services on offer along with anal, roleplay, feet etc. I agree with Nikki; smoking does look very impressive in pictures, as well as on the big screen. Just ask Roman Polanski. I personally like any picture with Nikki in it, so I am definitely not complaining.

    • Yeah, some people have a smoking fetish. I don’t particularly but I think it looks cool in the photos. Perhaps not everyones jerking off to it but what can I say, I’m an artist, I make art, I do weird stuff.

  2. shackwise11 says:

    just good to see you nikki, smokes or not!

  3. John Smith says:

    Smoke and whiskey on a woman’s breath. I can dig it.

  4. Thomas Sneddon says:

    Not a fan of smoking in general….but the lighting and the way you are perched on the stairway,is very enticing!

  5. buckeye1974 says:

    As a smoking fetish fan I wish there was more of this on this site.

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