1. unshavenfan says:

    Bravo !!!

  2. shackwise12 says:

    my favorite kind of set!

  3. LOVE6000 says:

    When I see your sets Nikki, you take me to the stratosphere of HEAVEN, you are so beautiful; I am immediately drawn to your exxxquisite, gorgeous, dream heaven BUSH, my eyes & my mind & my body enter heaven when I see it! To this day I cannot believe I once, went along with men who didn’t like pussy (& wanted women to shave), I used to say “yeah, you can see the pussy lips better”, but now those same men who hate the smell the site & everything of pussy, want the gorgeous labia cut off also. I guess I just have to part ways with men who do not like women’s pussies. I LOVE The Vagina Monologues & my jaw really hit the floor when the show talked about men who didn’t like pussy (to me & my friends growing up, a grown woman’s hairy pussy was THE be-all, end-all of everything!!! Everything, perfect!!! It was heaven on God’s earth!!!). You take me to the stratosphere of heaven Nikki!!! I cannot stop staring!!! Omg, I imagine the taste & the flavor or your pussy!!!

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