1. On a scale from 1 to 1 million, her butt is at least a 997,403. Maybe higher. So wonderfully round!

  2. CTHairyFriend says:

    oh my,i could not resist her 🙂

  3. shackwise11 says:

    excellent set!

  4. Absolutely phenomenal pits!!!

  5. Swimbo1421 says:

    absolutely divine

  6. canklelover says:

    Miss Kisa, no poem can describe your beauty, but here is a limerick that attempts …

    There once was a lady who was hirsute
    She was super sexy and yet super cute
    From the tip of her nose
    To the tops of her toes
    Her follicles did bear fruit

    (Image 97 shows the lovely hairs on her nose. Image 205 shows the lovely hairs on her toes.)

    Thank you for sharing your natural beauty with us, Miss Kisa. And thank you, Miss Nikki, for capturing it.

  7. There is no way to get enough of Kisa’s magnificent. I dream of licking every single strand. Though I love gorgeous and natural women, and she is both, I’m usually tepid about facial hair. But, Kisa’s magnificent facial and neck hair drive me crazy.

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