Wet White Panties


  1. Eivind Niclasen says:

    The beautiful Magnolia is back, as promised by Nikki herself. This girl is so gorgeous. She obviously doesn´t fit common mainstream beauty criteria, but that just makes her even more attractive, in my opinion. Girls like Magnolia will never “age”, so to speak. Her look is classically feminine. It´s about timeless feminine appeal with curves in abundance, and NN is the site where such things are appreciated. Leave emaciated female celebrities to the others.

  2. specktackler6 says:

    She’s so yummy, can’t wait to see more of her!

  3. Gumball says:

    So much charisma shows in those expressive eyes. Would love to hear an interview with her.

  4. Still searching for a better corner on the internet to rest my eyes.

  5. Holy God, I am head over heels in love with Magnolia! I love BBW’s more than anything on earth; I love joining PlumperPass & XLGirls, even Scoreland (for their big tits & hips), but I’m getting to the point where I literally can’t take it when they show their pussies & they have been almost ruined by being completely shaved to look like a little girl’s! I love full grown woman pussy, not little shaved girl pussy, a woman’s bush is the greatest site on earth! The absolute worst thing on the entire face of the planet is when you see a woman’s hairy pussy stubble & her triangular heaven bush shape that you know was the most heaven you would have ever seen in your life, but some idiot made her shave it off! PlumperPass is starting to show more BBW models with gorgeous hairy pussies & lots of members love it in the comments, but XLGirls & Scoreland has some kind of phobia about pussy hair, it has to be completely bald. One model was nude showing her thick, gorgeous pussy lips & her big tits to the owner & she said “what do you want” and he zoomed the camera to her tits & said “oh yeah those tits”, right when she had her legs open, with her yummy, gorgeous, thick pussy lips; some men don’t like pussy, like what the Vagina Monologues talk about, which floored me when I first saw that play! Thank you so much for showing Magnolia, please, please please show more BBW dream goddesses with big, fertile dream hips & butts, thick thighs, I love big tits too & most of all, gorgeous hairy pussies!!! 🙂

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