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  1. This girl is gross. She has hair all in the wrong places.

  2. That is interesting. How can hair be in a wrong place? If you think armpits vagina legs and arms are the wrong places to have bodyhair than i suggest you do some reading about the different functions of hair for these bodyparts. For example hair regulates sweat from armpits and it protects the vagina against dust and dirt. Hair on a body has a function. To claim it is in the wrong place is just as ignorant as saying your bubutthole is in the wrong place. Maybe in your mind the natural grow of bodyhair is unnatural. But do you realize you also have hair on your arms legs genitals and armpits? If you consider these bodyparts the wrong place for hair than you are gross too I guess.

    meanwhile I’m enjoying this set of Harley Hex very much. If she is gross than gross is beautiful! ♥

    • I didn’t mean it that way. I mean for a girl, she has to much on her legs. She is too hairy in those spots. I don’t mind her pussy. I love a really hairy pussy. It is too much hair on her legs i mean.

      • Thanks for expaining yourself Kassim! It´s perfectly allright you don´t like excessive bodyhair on legs and ii can imagine you are not used to see women with so much bodyhair. But at the same time I hope next time you are a little bit more conscious of the impact of your words. To say that somebody is gross can be really hurtfull. Especially for someone who is showing something that probably 99% of the females are too scared off to show.

        I have a huge respect for Harley Hex that is she looks so confident about her hairy body but it wouldnt surpirse me if she sometimes feels insecure about it to show it. I mean we live in a society where a women with this amount of body hair is simply taboo. I live in for may years in the queer squatters underground punk scene of a big city in Europe and even in this scene I just almost never see a woman being natural like Harley Hex is. She is doing something really realy special that probably many people just dont realize. She has the courage to show her natural body in all her vulnerability. That is something we should support in every way! Not just because she looks very attractive to me but also she is doing something very very very impportant: to be herself as she is without conforming herself to unnatural sexist moral standards.

        So if you think she has too much hair on her legs is perfectly fine. That is your taste. But to say she is gross just because she has by natural default a lot of hair on her legs is mean and can be hurtfull. Now i know that you didnt mean it that way and I’m glad by this but I do hope you realize the impact of your words can have on others.

        Best Rbn

        • Hi there Rbn,

          I’ll let Harley speak for herself in regards to her body hair and such but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your responses! I was about to delete the original comment but I think now, I’ll leave the whole thing so members can read your thoughtfull responses as well as kassim37’s taking back of the ‘gross’ comment. I don’t mean to vilianize him in any of this.

          It’s very important to me that the models on this site are seen as full human beings, who could as easily be hurt by a comment like ‘you are gross’ as your daughter, friend, lover, girl on the street. Personal preference is absolutly allowed but kassim37 – how would you expect Harley to respond to your comment?

          I’m also very interested in you Rbn, because I also have experience in underground punk/anarchist scenes and most of my members, do not! Anyways, I’ll be shooting you an email off site.

          xo Nikki Silver

          • Hi Nikki,

            I should of choose my words wisely. I mean everyone has a preference in what they like. Some may like hairy women all over and some don’t. I apologize to Harley if she reads this. How can I say it? It is different seeing someone hairy all over. It is different and some people will like it and some won’t. Once again I’m sorry and I didn’t mean to let this get blown up.

  3. shackwise11 says:

    absolutely fabulous Harley! can,t wait for your second shoot, with heels,stockings/tights etc! more great work Nikki!

  4. Kassim37,

    No worrys! I think you’ve made it clear you retract your original statement. I’m sure you understand on a site about hairy women that there’s going to be some defensiveness to our right to choose how hairy we want to be.


  5. HarleyHex says:

    Thanks Rbn and Nikki for your thoughtful responses. I appreciate that! I have a lot of thoughts about this topic so I think I’m going to write a post in blog section of this site when I get back home.

    Side note ~ queer punks are rad!

  6. swimbo1221 says:

    I absolutely love the hair on Harley’s thighs -tears me up. She is so beautiful

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