1. Beautiful, stunning, natural and sexy. In other words, the opposite of artifice. Nikki┬┤s pictorials are always a treat, but this is one that sticks out for me because of the clarity and nice, bright colours. Another great addition to the collection, then!

  2. shackwise11 says:

    Some of the best hairy legs in the business! I’ve always adored girls with hairy legs, and Nikki is no exception!

  3. Ron Collette says:


    I’ve been a fan ever since the early days of ATKN. But, I have to say that you get hotter and sexier as you get older. So Hot…love the set!

  4. Thomas Sneddon says:

    My ultimate vision of paradise…so wish I could have been apart of it!

  5. Currently my all time favorite pic: Pic 32, page 2


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