Nikki Live on Cam!

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Hello lovely members,

It has been a rainy and gray day here in the lovely Bay Area, which has been sunny and amazing for the last few weeks!

So, I've been wanting to get live camming on NN for a while but it is a costly endeavor, so to save up some money to help pay for it I am going to start camming on another site.

Click Here! Don't worry it's a legit link.

And I wanted to let you all know when my first show will be, which is this Tuesday, February 23rd, 6pm-9pm PST

CORRECTION: You can link streamate directly to your credit card and it bills in real USD dollar bills so you don't have to be worrying about how much credits are worth or doing some math while you are trying to jerk off!

I WILL be showing preferential treatment for members of NN so if you come in the show and message me your username I will prioritize your requests over other people. I don't mean I'll do them for free, but I'll pay special attention to you.

As always, you are welcome to email me directly, and book a private one on one skype show with me! Payment via paypal or squarecash. I much prefer this as I can see you AND I make all the money you pay!


15 minutes - 60
30 minutes - 105
45 minutes - 135
1 hour - 150