Make Love (And Mayhem!)

Miss Mayhem

Hello Fuzzy Muff Lovers!

It's your favorite Otter Princess here to share what's been happening in my little corner of the ocean. One big thing is that I'm back to school. I finished a bachelor's degree years ago but it was time for me to pick up my dusty backpack and head to class. I'm a little older and wiser than your average student but there's always more to learn in the world and I'm excited to dive in and pick up some new skills and thoughts.

This means I'm a blushing school girl again in many regards. I'm still one of very, very few girls who doesn't shave. It's still January so there may be some lurking underarm hair that has yet to make its presence known to me but it's safe to say I'm still in a very select minority. Very few otters go to school, it seems, so I'm proud to be one of them. I also wonder if any of my students or professors catch a peek when I raise my hand in class. I wonder what they think? Have they, like so many men, been trained to think of it as something unattractive? Or, is my student style something taboo and sexy that stays on their mind long after the lecture is over? Did you ever fantasize about the girls you went to school with?

Miss Mayhem

One needs a health mind and a healthy body so I've also been getting in shape. I am planning on running my first half-marathon this summer, so I've been running. I'm also taking ballet and doing an intense cardio-strength training class. I never used to think of myself as an athlete. A green playing field is the kind of place I might take a book of poetry rather than run across in pursuit of a goal. I've always loved hiking and backpacking and getting away from people and connecting to nature but I've been feeling called to get into my body more and to optimize it. I've found there experience to be fun.

There aren't too many hairy ballerinas, though. I enjoy the way I look in a leotard so much that my standard fashion fare is a leotard and a pair of jeans. Really! Dance fashion is colorful and flexible. I have infinitely more leotards than I do regular t-shirts. I can't wait until my skill level is as such that I can add a pair of pointe shoes to my wardrobe as well. For now it's slippers, tights, and leotards in every hue as I practice, practice, practice! Running and my other workout are certainly helping my new moves take shape. Since my hair is now very long (it almost covers up my breasts!) I've been braiding it up tight and pinning it to my head, lest I elict the ire of mademoiselle teaching. There's even a real live piano player in the corner to give us something to dance to.

Miss Mayhem

I'll make sure to share how things are going with school and dance and running. If you're so inclined to send me some dance supplies, I'd be much obliged. I'm always happy to send photos to show my progress. Plus, these leotards get sweaty at the end of a good workout!