Under the sea

Shooting Amalia

I went and shot my friend Amalia yesterday and it was so fun! We drove to a spot I knew about on the water. It's always so fun shooting there because people always go by in boats, sail boats, freighters, cruise ships, whatever, and I'm sure they can see me and the hot naked girl there but there's this water between us so it doesn't much matter.

We did run into a dad and some kids and a dog but that was before we got naughty. It was so much fun hanging out with Amalia as we are old friends but hadn't seen eachother in a while. We got to catch up while we shot and I got some great content of her. She's super cute, has the most amazing giggle. But is also really self assured and has actually been training in martial arts and got really buff!

Well here's a sneak peak. I'm off the gym and some dinner. Oh and I got my first email from a member today, exciting! Please feel free to drop me a message anytime to let me know what you like and don't like, suggestions or just to tell me how you're doing.

-your truely, Nikki Silver

New swimsuit and New Model!

Well I'm having a lovely morning here in Oakland, california.

I just had coffee(i like my coffee sweet and light) and a smoothie(yogurt and blue berries) with my really hot hairy girl housemate and lended another hot hairy girl some shoes.

I remembered that I have this really awesome old school lifeguard looking bathing suit. (see photo) I really like how my pubic hair just spills out of it because it's so high waisted. I hope to have comments enabled soon but in the meantime - email me at NikkiSilverNN@gmail.com if you'd like to see a shoot of me in it, or another one of my models(I'll do my best, they are all world travellers and often not here!) and I'll force some poor girl, perhaps myself, to brave the frigid Pacific Ocean, just for you.

I'm going to shoot a new model today who hasn't done any hairy modelling before so it will a real treat when she's up here. I'm planning on going to the railroad tracks where I shot Sage but you never know, it's always an adventure. Sometimes I have a spot in my mind and then we show up and there's a bunch of children or too many mosquitos, I never know what I'm going to end up with, but at least we're having fun and the girls are getting off!

Last time we got some great content there but also saw a severed dear head on the tracks, not so cute. Wish me luck

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