Can you believe it; I have a photography book out! Featuring many of the beautiful, all natural women of NaughtyNatural as well as some special models you will not see here! Not only are there over 100 full color, high quality photos, there are essays by many of the models and a longer piece by the awesome, Tina Horn.


From the Press Release:

“Unshaven is a fine art photography book celebrating women who do not shave their body hair. These empowered women pose in gorgeous outdoor California settings, baring all for the vision of photographer Nikki Silver. Herself a hairy woman, Silver captures the free spirits and all-natural confidence of these amateur models. Her photos are erotic and feminist, revealing and defiant, and entirely unlike any nude portraits of women you have ever seen.

An original essay from journalist and sexuality educator Tina Horn accentuates these provocative images. With humor, personal anecdotes, and elegant analysis, Horn's writing explores the many political and social implications of unshaven women. This insight is supplemented by thoughtful words on feminine body hair from the models themselves.

Whether they are defying gender norms, rejecting consumer conformity, or developing a new kind of counter-culture body modification, the women of Unshaven may be the twenty-first century's post-modern heroines.”

228f79b9-4985-4b9c-8a57-527393fe8870Reviews of Unshaven:

“The photos in Unshaven can be seen as a defiant statement of intent and a celebration of strong, non-conformist women in all their natural splendor.”

“So heady and so hot! Whereas other books are just art or just erotica, this book is a glorious testimony to a beauty that's only obscure because of how homogeneous erotic representation has become.”

Unshaven in the Media:

Cosmo: http://bit.ly/1Lxd730

German Cosmo: http://bit.ly/1H9c45f

Huffington Post: http://huff.to/1PCH7gK

The Daily Dot: http://bit.ly/1QiFSol


UNSHAVEN is available on Amazon, and signed copies are available directly through me! Just email me at NikkiSilverNN@gmail.com

All this for ONLY $19.99 + shipping. Domestic shipping waived for members of NaughtyNatural.com

Retailers may contact Ana for wholesale or review inquiries at ana@threelmedia.com or (510) 524-8732 ext 103.


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