4K! Long Hair Lovers

4K! Kisa comes over to have Jane brush out her long, thick, gorgeous mane. While brushing they become better acquainted leading to lots of sexy open mouth, hot, lesbian kissing with furry upper lips and wet lips and tongues, leading into smelling and licking each others hair armpits and finally their entire, hairy and all natural bodies!

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  1. Amazing Clarity!

  2. mariochile says:

    Amazing, i love jane hairy ass. 🤤

  3. Kisa is my hairy Queen and her body is just Super 🙂

  4. I love it!!! Please more shoots like this Nikki!!

  5. In my opinion and my many years of watching and enjoying lesbian shoots. You need to concentrate on the pussy eating more. Wet, sloppy oral that leads to an amazing orgasm. That is very lacking in recent shoots. I come and go here hoping to see that amazing hairy pussy loving woman gobble and slobber her way around that pussy showing us she loves it. Burying her face just revealing in that glorious hairy pussy that most likely smells so good. You have done shoots in the past like “AFTER LUNCH SNACK” with JOEYMINX AND LILAH. That shoot was amazing. JOEY MINX and LILAH were out to make each other cum. Hairy Lingerie Wrestling, with you and HARLEY HEX. You sitting on HARLEY’S face grinding until you came was great. Simone and Kisa have Sex, SIMONE gave KISA some really great oral until she came. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, give us more scenes like that. Hairy pussy loving women, showing us they want to eat it and orgasm while having it done.

  6. I want to see more ass hole licking and pussy hair licking up close. That’s a huge turn on especially from your models that have really hairy pussies and assholes. That’s my personal opinion. So Nikki do you think you can make that happen. I look forward to see it in the near future.

  7. Nikki, I would like to hear more dirty talking.. especially when they are eating pussy…. its such a turn on for me…. hope you can deliver! 🙂

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