Hairy Fishnet

Eleanor looks amazing in her fishnet mini dress and heels. Her huge natural breasts highlighted by the cuts. Lots of full body shots of her in it and fully nude. Don't miss this amazing all natural beauty!

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  1. Eli Sufft says:

    I am crazy about Eleanor. She is such a great addition to this site. Love this video!

  2. Yes, Eleanor is fantastic. If she was my wife, I would never come out of the bed….

  3. Pipelayer101 says:

    Oh man Eleanor has such a rad figure and best of all not ruined by artificial, unnatural tattoos or piercings! More of this lovely woman please!

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Glad you like her. She is really cool and a self made model/entrepreneur in her own right. I shot a bit of her when we shot but am hoping to do another shoot in the fall hopefully.

  4. She is loverly, but would like it much more if she didn’t stroke arm=pits and fondle her tits. It blocks views and it looks so much better with hands away.

  5. Eleanor is a perfect girl with beautiful big boobs and big ass. I like her belly button also. A real goddess! Her orgasms are really felt me and hope If I can see her nectar drop from those lovely flower!

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