Sadie Squirts!

My dear friend Sadie came back to Caliofornia and we had a whole lot of fun re-uniting. I love Sadie's gentle yet dominant energy and really loved letting her take the lead! Watch Sadie and I admire each other's hairy, all natural bodies, passionate, lot's of tongue kissing, licking hairy armpits and pussy, lot's of deep squeezing body contact, and Sadie's amazing SQUIRTING topping it all off. Enjoy!

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  1. Sure enough, Nikki has participated in her share of girl/girl scenes on NN, but this one is still different. The number of kisses exchanged has increased dramatically, which I absolutely love. The armpit licking is also lovingly emphasised, cunnilingus is being indulged in far more extensively than before, all in all a spectacular oral tour de force created by Nikki and Gisele Freund. I love the results, and nearly leaped out of the sofa when Sadie Lune let out a stentorian roar, accompanied by some very impressive squirting. In contrast to Nikki´s earlier scenes on NN, here she is actually the one being dominated by her partner. It´s different and a nice change, and she really comes across as a good switch. I also like those close up shots of Sadie´s and Nikki´s faces looking up through thick pubic hair as they service each other. Another winner!

  2. Eli Sufft says:

    This is amazing! I’m so glad I watched it with headphones on.

  3. TrueToLifeMTL says:

    I love how aggressive Sadie is in this video! So hot!

  4. Jernhans says:

    I usually love seeing Nikki dominating her sexy hairy girlfriends. In this case, however, it feels natural to Nikki being the submissive one in meeting up with such a powerful woman as Sadie. It seemed like Nikki and Sadie had a very good time, and I guess, so did everyone else :). Excellent video!

  5. joechristian551 says:

    The best eating I’ve seen in a while

  6. preese01 says:

    WOW!!! Two HOT BABES

  7. So hot! Sadie is my absolute dream.

  8. zorakmicic says:

    Nikki, I think this is one of the best videos your ever filmed. Mostly a bush eating scenes and the way Sadie is literally eats your bush. Will you have some more Videos with her together?

    P.S Do you lime only hairy pussies or bushy cock too ?

  9. Ms. Lune is an incredible artist and I wish that more of her work was available here and elsewhere. This video is so intense that it took me a while to get around to watching it all the way through, but I have come around to deciding that this is my favorite girl-girl video on the site.

    One strength of Nikki’s girl-girl and boy-girl videos is that the affection is genuine. It is always clear that she does not simply pair up two performers, but two people with real chemistry who could be lovers. The lust is sincere, but so is the tenderness, and this makes these videos especially compelling. We see this on display here.

    In this video, the way that Sadie and Nikki clearly adore each other. Early in the video, Nikki cannot seem to keep her hands off Sadie. Sadie is more controlled, not at all aloof or reluctant, but clearly in command of the scene. Sadie has a certain mature sensual power and sophisticated appeal about her, which makes for a seductress dynamic with Nikki’s giggly energy. They both clearly know what each other wants, and they know what is going to happen, but it seems to be a question of who is in control. It is quite fascinating.

    Sadie takes charge, quite aggressively, early on, and does not relinquish her authority throughout the video. This is true sensual domination, and Nikki’s cheerful surrender seems more intense and sincere than anything involving ropes or restraints. It is quite beautiful to watch, and educational in some ways as well.

    Thank you for sharing this. You are a genius.


  10. balmy_chameleon says:

    This video alone was worth the subscription. I’ve been a fan of Sadie for years – her scene in ‘many shades of juliette march’ is an unmatched work of art. I don’t think I’d ever heard of ‘mommy domme’ before stumbling accross that video; almost a shame to watch the best video in that entire genre first 🙂
    MilfShakes and 50 shades of dylan ryan were also incredible.

    Anyone know what else has Sadie been working on lately? She mentioned in the beginning of the video that she’s been working on other art, but I haven’t seen her IMDB page updated in a while.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      So glad you enjoyed!!! I am also totally enamored with Sadie if you couldn’t tell.

      Sadie is somewhat of an elusive creature but you can keep up to date with her on her twitter:

      • balmy_chameleon says:

        Hey Nikki!
        I could definitely tell you were enamored with Sadie 🙂 you were very cute, talking about all the parts of her body you loved!

        I was kinda sad though after Sadie had that orgasm and said “No one’s done that for me for a while.” Her orgasms are the coolest! I don’t know what the costs are for creating videos, but I wonder if a small, unscripted, weekly, down-to-business video of you two getting together for an orgasm session would be possible. Like a… vignette podcast or something 🙂 Could have it separate from the main membership and have it be like $10/month or something. Probably impossible, but just throwing it out there.

        Anyway, thanks for the twitter link! I’ll keep an eye on that for sure.

  11. neversaydie says:


    All of the Hairy Models on your website are top notch, but I put you and Sadie on top of the heap !!!!
    Every part of this video is titillating and truly erotic!!!
    The cuddling at the very end suggests you two are probably lovers in Real Life as well!!!!
    I don’t who is luckier, Sadie or you ???

  12. peticochon says:

    how t catch yourselveves one to each other is an art, very good job waiiting yourselselves each one very patientky

  13. Hey Nikki-

    Love all your content. I have subscribed many times and would love for you to feature more squirting like this.
    Sadie is a very sexual creature and seeing her let go is such a turn on. Please try and feature more squirting.

    thank you

  14. Dchris85 says:

    When I saw this vid…..i was in especially when Sadie was in a pose eating Nikki’s pussygalore.
    I wanted to jump in the video and eat her pussy, suck and lick her navel, and nibble her suckable titties, “oh soooo suckable” it was an amazing video

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