Furry Face

Parts shows off their very furry face and thick fluffy bush before pulling it back to show off their big clit.

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  1. shackwise12 says:

    like to see more photo-sets of this great model!

  2. Parts has a unique look, the likes of which is not seen often enough on sites like this. The fact that Ms. Silver is open to exploring the full range of women’s beauty and sensuality is one of the reasons why I am so thankful that I found this place and have the chance to support her work.

    Her bold sensuality is particularly compelling and a powerful personality comes through very strongly here. I would love to see more of her. For my part, I would love to see video of her with a partner. She is quite intense, and it would be lovely to see what she shares with someone who shares the right chemistry.

  3. stepup7814 says:

    I really like that there is more Part’s content. Hope more is on the way. I agree that more photo sets and a partner video would be wonderful.

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