Hairy Glow

Azaela shows off her big pregnant belly while dancing to the live guitar sounds of her girlfriend! She gets to riled up by the music she masturbates and shows her big fluffy bush surrounding her swollen pussy.

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  1. I have always found pregnant women especially beautiful, and there is something particularly powerful in their nakedness. I usually, however, find their images awe-inspiring rather than sexy. This changes with this video and accompanying photoset.

    It brings up for me something that I have not thought of in many years. An ex once told me that during her pregnancy she was aroused all the time and spent hours masturbating furiously in the bathtub while her husband was away at work. She said that she craved sex with her man, but he was uninterested while she was pregnant, something I could not understand. I am not sure why I forgot this, but this brings it all back.

    Thank you and Azalea for being so unashamed about displaying the sexual power of a pregnant woman. As usual, you have opened my mind and stimulated my imagination.

  2. peticochon says:

    hope i can see her love with you nikki i dream her sitting on my face and give her precious nectar into my mouth

  3. More hairy pregnant girls Nikki please. Such natural beauty and sexiness.

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