Crashing waves

Me and Ana go to the beach where she frolicks in the waves, getting undressed as she plays in the waves. Then we find a secluded spot next to a little river where she can have some privacy to do what she likes to do best.

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  1. mecho12 says:

    Ana has a penchant for pleasure and a body to match. Her face moans for more…

  2. I love seeing Ana take her clothes off & get completely naked, I wonder if the people in the background knew she was showing her gorgeous, thick, hairy pussy! I love her big tits & her long under arm hairy, her thick, gorgeous hairy pussy makes me cock throb! I love seeing her walk & seeing her butt cheeks! I once heard a female actress say that if she could walk around naked in public she would; I wish all women could walk around naked if they wanted to! I love her on the log & seeing how long her pussy hair is around her labia, that seems to be where it is the longest on women, right around the labia, it is heaven; ironically this is the very hair that porn star women shave (the ones that try to keep their bush), it looks so wrong & horrible to see a woman with a gorgeous bush, but have the exquisite pussy hair on the sides of her lips shaved! I love her big tits, she makes me wish I was there with her holding hands with her & hugging her with my penis hard & bouncing up & down for her! I love when she lays down & we can see her long thick pussy hair from the side, her pussy is exquisite heaven! I love her playing with her pussy, omg I wish my penis was in her hairy pussy!

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