Annie gives a Sexy French Lesson

Have you ever fantasized about a hot teacher, teaching a foreign language while stripping down to nothing then spreading her meaty pussy lips for you? Well, look no further, my friend. Isn't it so fucking sexy hearing Annie teach French? The way the words roll off of her tongue... it's like the sound of music to my ears. Annie gives us a brief French lesson but catches the way we're drooling over her presence. She looks so mischievous as she flips up her dress and gives us those innocent eyes. Such a tease, this one!! Her bush looks so fucking sexy poking out of those lace panties of hers. After stripping down into her all-natural beauty, she spreads her body wide and offers us some amazing views of all her hairy parts. One of my favorites is the way she shows off her bush from behind. Her huge labia look so inviting as if asking to be toyed with. And that's exactly what she does. Tugging, pulling, stretching those huge pussy lips of hers. Isn't she so exhilarating to watch?! Annie knows how to put on the best shows.

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  1. very nice

  2. mecho12 says:

    Wow, four years of French in college, but it was never like this. Can I conjugate her verb?

  3. rockerxxx381 says:

    I love her meaty lips

  4. mmmmm nice lips more more plz !!

  5. I love Annie’s big tits & her gorgeous dark bush! I love it when she stretches those big pussy lips open, they are the most gorgeous pussy lips I have ever seen, I want to smell them & lick them every day of my life! I love her on the chair spreading playing & opening those big, gorgeous pussy lips! I am in love with her hairy pussy!

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