Annie gets Bored Reading a Magazine

Annie is reading a magazine in her cute dress and heels when she catches you staring. She decides to strip slowly out of her cute outfit. After all, isn't that what they're for? Taking off, of course! She allows you the most intimate glances of her perky breasts and wild fluffy bush before stripping down into her birthday suit for the real show! As she lays down on the couch, she exposes her gorgeous meaty pussy lips and deliciously furry armpits. She's such a babe, this one! Knowing how much you adore huge dangling labia, she tugs them apart. Teasing you gets her so wet. She starts fingering her meaty cunt, moaning and humping in delight. It's so sexy to watch her tug on the long hairs of her pussy while she thrusts her fingers into her hungry hole. She brings herself to the most delectable orgasms before gazing into your eyes and blowing you a kiss until next time.

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  1. I like the view on her lips, so hot

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