Annie in Her Lingerie

I told you that you'd see the gorgeously freckled Annie again, didn't I?! Today, she's wearing some hot lingerie in the bedroom and wants to rock your world with her sensual nature. She slowly strips out of her velvety skirt and silky lace top. But not before gifting you a proper tease! This gal knows how to bring the heat. She strips down until she's wearing nothing but thigh highs and heels. The ultimate combo! Then she crawls onto her hands and knees to give us great views of her hairy ass crack and meaty pussy from behind. It's so sexy to see her feeling herself, spreading her ass cheeks apart, and toying with her hairy cunt. After a while, she lays down on the bed for some fun of her own. She tugs on her long pussy hairs, takes huge whiffs of her mesmerizing armpit scent, then spreads her meaty labia apart for you to get the best views. Her moans are palpable and you can hear how juicy her pussy is getting as she finger fucks herself to a jaw-dropping orgasm. This one is sure to leave you breathless and dripping with desire. Such a beautiful all-natural babe!

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  1. Holy God, this movie is heaven! I Love her big butt from behind & the tease as she pulls her panties down then bends over, omg her asshole is gorgeous, I want to put my nose in it & smell & smell it while I lick & suck her big, thick pussy lips! I want to lick every inch of her ass crack & smell & lick her asshole & big pussy lips from behind for hours! Holy God, I love her big pussy lips!

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