Another Music Video…

I get my groove on once again. Gyrating my hips and moving my body just gets my pussy so wet! Video shot by James Darling.

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  1. It´s always extra special to see hairy content in gorgeous high definition. Another great video for the collection.

  2. Very enticing! You are hairy poetry in motion. I just love it when you play such breathtaking music all by yourself! Please keep your instrument well tuned!!

  3. swimbo1221 says:

    you are breathtaking

  4. dmckenzie says:

    I am sooooo in love with you……

  5. Nikki,the music you used for Higher Tonight,I would like to get a cd from that group.Can you please give me the name of the group and full tittle of the cd? Would really like the help finding a cd from this group.

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