Ass Up!

Olive gets turned on taking photos of herself while sunbathing. She takes off her shorts and bikini bottom to play with her big clit and super hairy ass. Can you imagine stumbling upon this hirsute beauty, ass up, at the beach!

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  1. takenakagawa1 says:

    OMG! This is one of Olive’s excellent videos to me. There are so many great shots with good close ups and nice angles! Also 4K is amazing enough to show her every single of her super hairy assets so real and so gorgeous! To me she is truly the summit of the hairy beauty. Thank you so much for your good job to extract her such attractiveness, Nikki.

  2. takenakagawa1 says:

    Since her debut here on NN, I’m thinking Olive has sensationally reset the standard of hairy attractiveness of hairy women for hairy lovers out there. In this video, I’m also thinking she must have proved it successfully. There are many nice close-up scenes with her super hairy assets such as super treasure trail snaking up to her cleavage, also the side view of super long and thick treasure trail. Also on her front side carpeted hair all the way from toes to jungle bush is so amazing, next on her back side is another spectacular seamless hairy road up to incredible dense ass. On her back thighs such a thick and long hair with beautiful hair pattern is beyond description. Lastly her hairy ass is something so special, the summit of hairy beauty that no one can beat it, I think. I love you, Olive!

  3. HIGHFLYER says:

    Amazing hairy body! The ultimate hairy ass and trail to paradise, number one hairy goddess on this site. Would love to see that hairy body devoured in a hardcore scene! More of Miss Olive please.

  4. frederic thibault says:

    nice olive

  5. bushman1942 says:

    Omg! This is what pure unadulterated Hair Heaven looks like. The pure beauty of all this hirsute Goddess is what dreams are made of. I would lick and inhale the scent from every sweat-soaked follicle until I become intoxicated from her pheromones and could be arrested for being under the influence. Mother Nature out did herself when she blessed us with Olive !

  6. CrispyTacoFriend says:

    wow, love love love loveeeeeeeeeee this woman!!!

  7. Arizona Cowboy says:

    This is exactly why we are members of NN. Thank you Nikki for filming such a fabulous video. It is a complete turn on. The close up of Olive rimming her beautiful asshole with her fingers made my tongue hard.
    Olive, I love you!

  8. Soulbear42 says:

    So exceptional! Incredible! Beautiful! Stunning! All the words!

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