Ava Ejaculates on the Couch

Are you as big of a fan of Ava's sexy curvy squirt-inducing body as I am? My gosh, this woman knows how to make a delicious mess! Doesn't she?! Before she and I starting filming, Ava confessed that she wanted to show me how much she can squirt. So, she got into her favorite sexy black dress and heels only to strip down minutes later. It's the tease of it all. The build-up, the anticipation. I got so fucking wet while filming this beauty! I mean, can you blame me?! I could tell that it was going to be a good one as soon as Ava started working at her hairy pussy. As she lays back on the couch, she twerks her sensitive nipples and finger fucks her craving hole. She got all squirmy and moany while plowing those magic fingers of hers deep inside of herself. Her hairy pussy got fucking juicy! You can hear how incredibly wet she got! I made sure to get lots of delicious close-ups of her fingers sliding in and out of her hairy hole. It doesn't take long before she squirts all over the couch and floor! Can you believe that puddle jetted out of her?! I bet you'd like to lick it up, wouldn't you? Enjoy xo

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  1. Ava is a handful, great attitude, great bush, and i love that she’s into her self and knows what works!

  2. What a nice meaty pussy, and the squirting was a bonus

  3. canklelover says:

    Wow that was awesome! Delicious juices! Miss Ava is so sexy! I love her curves. She has such a sexy little belly!
    Miss Nikki, can you shoot more of Miss Ava please?

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