Backseat Betty

Vestacia is taking a break on her road trip to read some erotic literature and fondle her fluffy blonde bush and amazing full breasts in the back of her truck. Lucky you get to watch!

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  1. She is beautiful. Another great video. and your site has the best women and videos. However, you just need to do a bit more closeups. 1-2 min more closeups of bush/pussy would be amazing. Especially the bushy mound. Bush looks so good up close. Thanks for your consideration

  2. Good ideo! More close-ups! This vid is great!

  3. Lifezone13 says:

    Dope lens flares and V is amazing.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Thanks! Vestacia is indeed amazing. Lens flare can be tricky but they ended up pretty magical in this shoot, thanks for appreciating my artistry!

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