Bath Time

I'm a bit naughty in this video, indulging in my all vices...I love taking baths and what a treat to find one with jets! No hands orgasm! Plus lots of wet body hair close ups. Shot by James Darling

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  1. Gotta love when Nikki enjoys herself. She is now my favorite water nymph as well as my favorite forest nymph. What a joy to behold! Keep her cumming forever!

  2. gerrit0509 says

    Nikki should do more bathing…!
    Maybe a tip (forgive me for being so impertinent) : at the site ATK hairy some girls appear in breathtaking shower scenes, for instance Annie Engeltie, taking a shower and massaging her hairy pussy from below with water… the effect being her hairy pussy seems to be a dripping moustache! Please Nikki, try!

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