Beach Babe

Ever seen a girl this hairy at the beach? Harley rubs sunscreen into her super hairy armpits and thighs before stripping naked to get more sun on all her naughty bits. She can't help but start playing with herself, the sun feels so good.

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  1. jcujo420 says

    Harley is so HOT. Love her hairy nipples, treasure trail, and that hairy hairy ASS!

  2. shackwise2 says

    simply superb ! some of the best hairy legs ever !

  3. Really hot!

  4. swimbo1221 says

    Harley is absolutely incredible love the treasure trail-her thighs just are magnificent. Hairman aka swimbo

  5. jwjeffrey says

    I would love to see Harley cover in oil when sunbathing

  6. I am ashamed. Harley outclasses me. She doesn’t let me a chance. My body hairiness is way too pathetic, loughable for her. For me Harley is simply admirable.

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