Vivi Peeing

Since the site is still being worked on I'm posting the behind the scenes videos here so you can enjoy them. Once the site is back to normal I will re-arrange everything to it's proper place. Enjoy Vivi talking more about her squirting history and a great shot of her peeing from behind!

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Sorry about the troubles with this video! I cannot tell you why the ‘normal’ and ‘high’ resolution videos are not working for download, for the moment just download the ‘low’ resolution and I’ll have my programmer work on it!

    yours truely,
    Nikki Silver

  2. Such a nice ending with a pee filmed from behind… What a beautifull derriere!!!!!

  3. I love seeing your gorgeous asshole open and contract, it is heaven on earth-omg! 🙂

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