Big Booty Casting Couch

Cookie and I do a little roleplay pretending she's auditioning for NN. No girl/girl action in this one but we sure had a good time! Enjoy!

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  1. User123abc says:

    She is beautiful. Love her body and bush and ass… wish there was a bit more closeups of her amazing bush

  2. This woman has natural sex appeal in spades. I may be unorthodox, but isn´t that why we are all here at NN? Cookie´s shape is the epitome of an hourglass figure; enormous bush complemented from above by cute little breasts, that sag so beautifully. She even has a little treasure trail. Her pits are also impressive.

    I like how direct this video is. Nikki uses honest language and gets right to the point. That´s good direction right there. The relaxed mood makes the eventual climax even more special. My guess is that Nikki´s admission above concerning a lack of GG action is a vague promises of some actual lesbian activity to come later. Or am I reading too much into this? Anyway, love the video and Cookie continues to be a great addition to the site!

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Wow, I think we have a special mind connection… A girl/girl video of myself and Cookie will be posted in November but I didn’t even remember that when I put this casting couch video up!

  3. She is in my top 5… Please can i have another cookie ?

  4. Siverfx421 says:

    Just love Cookie. She’s a Doll.

  5. TrueToLifeMTL says:

    Hands down, Cookie has the best hips on the site! I’m almost ready to give her the Best Ass Award too but I haven’t surfed the site enough yet so it’s a bit too early 🙂

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