Big Booty Strut

Cookie shows off her amazing figuring by strutting back and forth while disrobing. Once she's naked she struts some more before masturbating.

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  1. Cookie is so drop dead gorgeous with an awesome bush and spectacular pits!!!!

  2. TrueToLifeMTL says

    Best hips on the site! So hypnotic how she swayed them from side to side. I want to smell her pits and bush so bad! Thank you so much for posting another set of Cookie!

  3. dragon626 says

    Love this…lets have more videos of walking asses…beautiful

  4. LOVE6000 says

    I cannot believe my eyes, I literally CANNOT believe my eyes when Cookie takes off that dress & shows her perfect HIPS & THIGHS!!! My eyes are GLUED to her hairy pussy in that underwear, omg I LOVE how her BIG butt looks in that white, gorgeous underwear! Her tits & long nipples are paradise! I LOVE how she pulls down her panties & shows the top of her exxxquisite pussy hair! Cookie has THE biggest, most gorgeous bush I have ever seen & THE most perfect BIG butt on earth. Omg, Cookie has THE biggest, most GORGEOUS pussy lips I have ever seen on a woman!!! The close ups of her BUSH, her LIPS & gorgeous CLIT take me to the stratosphere of HEAVEN!

  5. I agree with dragon626. More strutting from these beautiful natural women. Cookie has a big, sexy ass.

  6. Nikki Silver says

    I’m sorry you are dissapointed in the content but my whole career I have taken my members/fans desires very much into account. And my members are primarily men.

    What you see if a combination of my members requests and tastes and my own artistic and erotic vision. If it’s not your cup of tea I’m sorry. Have fun on other sites full of 20 year old’s with no ‘flaws’ who are faking their orgasms. 🙂

  7. 34naturalwomen says

    I would love to see more ladies in white cotton Hanes panties on here!

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