Big Bush

Enjoy this new video Caressa showing off her beautiful lithe and hairy body. And then masturbating and cumming hard!

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  1. Carissa is gorgeous! Nikki, I hope that you and her can do a scene together some day. That would be excellent!

  2. W(O)(O)W!! Carissa is drop dead gorgeous and her bush and pits are absolutely stunning!!!

  3. Carissa is amazing. So hot. Would love for her to do a girl scene. She is amazing!

  4. One word: Out-fucking-standing. Or is that 3 words? Either way… great model, great video, and great photography. Nikki rocks it again! And lest we forget, Carissa gets the nod also. What a beauty!

  5. shackwise12 says:

    excellent, photosets too please!

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