Body Tour

Katie is excited to tell you all about her body hair! She starts with her cute mustache, making her way down to armpits, nipple hairs, legs hair and of course much, much more, lots of full body nude and close ups on all her delicious hairs, ending with pussy examination and masturbation!

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  1. Nikki Silver says:

    Ay! I’ve fixed it now, thank you for letting me know. Best thing tho is to shoot me an email as I check that more frequently than the comments. Regardless these errors should not keep happening. We are working on the site, making it work better actually but some ways I input stuff is changing so I’m getting used to it.


    • Nikki Silver says:

      My programmer and I are working on changing up some stuff in the back end (I’m sure you don’t want to hear about the technicalities) so I am getting used to the new system. Thanks for bearing with us through our growing pains!!

  2. Hairylover75 says:

    I could watch you for hours,you are so sexy !

  3. A classic beauty.

  4. very hot ! Love dirty talk. More would be great. Hard to type with one hand.

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