Body Tour Download Version

I'm having trouble editing my original post so I just made a new one here with the Download Version of 'Body Tour' Sorry for the inconvenience!

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  1. Eivind Niclasen says

    Great video! From a personal point of view, this is one of the most enjoyable videos so far on NN. I feel there is something for everyone in this clip. It showcases all of Nikki´s manifold charms and, be it directly or indirectly, suggests more to come in this category. Am I right, Nikki? Hopefully not, but the lady decides 🙂

  2. Genuinely charming, personal, and authentic! Nikki is in high form here and shares her body in such a wonderful way. This would be a great video format for Nikki to showcase her new models. Such personal raw talent is a rare delight!

  3. hairy leg lover says

    Ooh Niki You did my favorite pose from 10:28 to 11:00, naked with both arms up showing your wonderful very hairy armpits,and at the same time spreading your beautiful hairy legs with very hairy calves and very hairy thighs and revealing your bushy hairy pussy with thigh spillage! Please can you and other hairy models do this revealing sexy pose,in photos and movies. Thanks.

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