Body Tour w/ Kisa Fae!

It's your favorite furry gal, Kisa Fae! In this sexy video she gives us a body tour, starting at her amazing facial hair all the way down to her toe hair. She starts off in some sexy lingerie, thigh high stockings and heels and gets totally naked, spreading her meaty pussy lips apart so you can see deep inside her.

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  1. Eivind Niclasen says:

    Another gem courtesy of Nikki and one of her hairy beauties. A full body tour, just as pioneered by Nikki herself recently, and requested by …myself, among others. Where else can members expect to get the opportunity to participate in the preparation of a scene by making suggestions as to what will happen once the shooting starts? The usual route is producers handing down already finished material for people to buy. That´s it. But, as we all know, NN is different, very different. And lucky us! I feel spoiled and fortunate every time I see new material of Kisa on this site. Long may it continue, so thank you once again, Nikki!

    PS. By praising Kisa, I do not mean to say that I don´t like the others. I most definitely do, as Nikki herself can testify, but Kisa is special to me. What a girl.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      I really appreciate your comments Eivind. I wish there was more of a way to let potential members know about the collective aspect of NN, the collaboration that happens between members, models and myself. I think simply saying ‘you can email me with ideas’ does not put across how much time I truely spend talking with you all and working on concepts and really taking into account what you all say you want to see. Any ideas on how to phrase it on the sign up page?

      • Eivind Niclasen says:

        Thank you for the comment, Nikki. This is just off the top of my head, but being a guitar buff, I have seen examples of certain guitar models, that are the result of socalled collaborative design on YouTube. That means people get to post comments and make suggestions on hardware parts, body shapes, woods, number and type of pickups etc. I know, a lot of shop talk, but just to give an example. Some of the material of NN has originated in a similar manner to the YouTube collaborations on guitar design. One way to phrase the beginnings of a creative partnership between yourself and us members would be to simply have people choose between different ideas by ticking boxes, almost like making a survey. Just keeping it simple could possibly get more people´s attention. The ideas themselves can be gathered together from things that members have already suggested in previous posts. People could choose between a video being shot inside or outside, what the model should wear, body tour vs whole (or is it wide?) angle striptease/masturbation scenarios and so on. Do I make any sense at all?

  2. keithperna10 says:


  3. shackwise11 says:

    brilliant vid, pity though Kisa took her heels and stockings off so soon, like to see the hair pressed under the nylon!, however I’m sure the photo-set to accompany the vid is eagerly awaited!

  4. phillyluv4u says:

    I luv Lisa she is so beautiful i’d luv to meet her

  5. MorvaiAlexander says:

    kisa ja fantastická žena,to jej ochlpenie je fantasticke,pozeral som to s otvorenými ústami,bohužial takéto niečo človek už v skutočnom živote neuvidím lebo skoro každá žena sa holí.

  6. Fantastic lovely lady.

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