Body Tour

I had so much fun doing this tour of my body. I got EVERYWHERE and did Extreme Close Ups of all my hairy bits, and the fun bits as well, luckily those 2 overlap a bit. Enjoy this rather long video exploration of my full, nude body as well as of course me masturbating at the end.

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  1. I’m honored to be the first to comment. Really enjoyed the extreme closeups. I like how you don’t fuss with your fingernails. Clipped short and no polish. Funny what we notice, isn’t it? Thank you!

    • Nikki Silver says:

      haha, it is! Well I’m glad you like it. Sometimes I do like to grow them out and paint them blood red, better to scare people with, but mostly I have better things to do then paint my nails. You know, like masturbate all day.

  2. shackwise11 says:

    you make the best vids Nikki, ( saw the pussy cat nearly joined you on the bed!).

  3. Hi Nikki, why can we (I?) only download it in Low Resolution? Normal and Hi is linked to the Boss version.

  4. CunningLinguist says:

    I noticed the same problem about the downloading. Only “Low Resolution” links to the correct video. Very looking forward to watching the rest of the video. So far I only watched a part of the video because it was too exciting. One man can only take so much sexiness. 😉

  5. Shirley Davis says:

    Here is a video Nikki Silver Boss job title Body tour where video images?

  6. borlaman1 says:

    Hi Res still not working.

  7. Shirley Davis says:

    Download videos Nikki Silver Boss -where video Body tour?

  8. Hi res is still the older Boss video, and not Body Tour.

  9. Hey Nikki, I like that your humble about filming yourself. Your hair did grow, I remember it was a lot shorter. But you know what ? I think you look hotter now seriously then ever. You were saying something about your boobs sagging. They look natural and very lick-able. And congrats on your website. I like it here, the waters warm and the girls are fun. 5 Star ***** :”)

  10. Kingkobra27 says:

    Amazing! Beautiful body and beautiful face. Never really been into to hair but you’re definitely turning me on to it!

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