Bonus Tickle Torture Video w/Kisa, Harley n Me!

Enjoy this bonus video! I invite Kisa and Harley over for some innocent tickling but they end up stripped naked in chains being tickle tortured! There's a twist but you'll just have to wait to see!

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  1. bushman1942 says

    The ultimate torture. Having your armpit hair sniffed and licked is joyfully unbearable. it would have been super hot if while they were restrained that they had to go to bathroom to pee really bad because their bladders were full from drinking water all day You bring a bucket for both to piss in. We could hear and watch their hairy pussy’s make a bucket of piss beer

  2. Very hot movie, loved it! And I agree with above about it being even better if they really had to pee! Still a very good movie!

  3. I love seeing your hairy arm pits Nikki, you are such a voluptuous, thick, dream goddess, my penis is getting so thick just typing about your heaven thickness! You are heaven in that dress, your legs are heaven! I would love so much to smell your arm pits while your hands where held up, just smell your absolute heaven on earth! Harley has to have the most hairy, gorgeous arm pits I have ever seen on a girl, all of her hair is un-real heaven gorgeous! I love how super thick Kisa’s heaven bush is-omg! I love seeing their big hairy bushes as they dance around! You are such a beautiful girl Nikki, kind of the crown jewel is finally seeing you squat and seeing that you don’t have any panties on and seeing your hairy heaven pussy! Heaven is when your dress comes up and I can see that heaven on earth dream hairy pussy of yours! My eyes are so glued to your gorgeous hairy pussy Nikki, my penis is out stretched and in heaven! I would ache to get down and just smell and then lick your pussy Nikki while your arms were held up! Your natural hairy pussy takes my penis to the stratosphere of heaven Nikki, it is bouncing up and down as I write this! Omg your hairy pussy is heaven, you are heaven Nikki!

    • Keep it up, LOVE1234. Your comments are pure comedy gold!

      • Nikki Silver says

        You like them? I’m curious if other members are finding them annoying or not, mostly just due to length not content. Members – if they are annoying you with their length let me know and I’ll moderate him!

        • Don´t worry, Nikki. I find his overjoyed enthusiasm and repetitive vocabulary amusing, but hardly annoying. Like the rest of us, he is merely happy for being a member of NN. I personally share his positive attitude towards the content on NN, albeit in a more restrained manner. More power to him, I say!

  4. This video is totally funny and a wonderful hairy girls show. The twist at the end is the correct penalty. 🙂
    Hopefully Kisa and Harley did not return… 🙂

  5. This is so sexy I renewed my membership just to see all of it in HD. Seeing you dive into those furry armpits might be the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Thank you!

  6. I did not like this, no pussy licking at all. Is this porn or is a tie up game? Just film new lesbian scenes will you, bondage is good but make it interesting (like hands tied behind back while on the there knee licking hairy pussy with pov shots).

    • Nikki Silver says

      When I post bonus video’s like this, it is exactly that; ‘bonus’ –

      It was a custom video shot made to order. I update with lesbian sex scenes every other month, anything else you get on top of my regular update schedule is just a treat I’m throwing you, so it may not be a full sex scene or have every element I would put into a full scene.

      I imagine you all would rather see these, then not, or am I wrong? Would you prefer I didn’t post it at all? Others seemed to enjoy it. And you have no idea what you are in store for in the beginning of December with Kisa, Harley and I!

      • So this was someone’s custom video then? I am fine with that, more power to the person that paid for it. The Kisa, Harley and you thing sounds interesting, I would rather have kisa in a lesbian scene with another model though (already seen harley and kisa together which I am already happy with). What’s the matter, can’t you get other models at this time?

        • Nikki Silver says

          Harley lives in Texas, Kisa NY, me – California. I flew them both here and we shot a bunch of content. They may never be in the same place again so we shot a lot. I’m happy to hold off on posting the 3-way scene which your comment is making me think I should but I figured other members would be excited to see it.

          You have to understand that I shoot all content 2-12 months in advance. Nothing is instant. So if you want a particular thing, you have to ask and then – wait. So you want to see Kisa with other models? Cool, tell me which other models.

          Please be specific and patient with your requests and they will be fulfilled! Just see all the other comments members make with specific request and their gratitude at having them fulfilled!

          • Nikki Silver says

            Actually, I have to post it for December because I don’t have any other partnered scenes on hand! I’m sure everyone will be really upset 😉

  7. I think Kisa would have a good scene with Vestacia, let me tell you why it would be an awesome scene… Kisa could play the innocent girl while Vestascia is more on the mysterious side, a good start to the scene would be Vestascia posing naked in the area she usually does her solo scenes. Kisa could innocently admire her before feeling very brave to go over and talk to her, she can say she likes her ect. I am telling you this now Nikki, if I had the money I would pay for a custom video featuring those two. Mark my words, I will make it a 5 star scene with the script that I have in mind lol.

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