Boob Swing Vacuum

Ask and ye shall recieve. Watch me clean my house naked, vaccuming, floor scrubbing and cieling dusting! With lots of boob swinging, hanging close ups, ending with masturbation complete with a look down shot!

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  1. My admiration of saggy boobs has for the most part been limited to the occasional picture here, a few seconds of video there – until now. Considering how vast the internet really is, it´s surprising to discover that there are still certain fetishes that remain relatively unexplored. It feel as if I have been waiting and hoping for this video to appear for years. The untamed beauty, unshaved and natural, is free to shine in all its spectacular glory. The angles, scenarios, crystal clear images, patient camera work, it´s all here. Once again, the difference between other hairy sites and NN is that Nikki is in perfect tune with what the public wants. Yet another wonder, that feels like a custom video, has landed on NN. Thank you, Nikki!

  2. shackwise12 says:

    well, a video with a difference, I have a vacancy for a housekeeper, maybe you would like to apply for it Nikki, you seem to have all the right credentials! loved it!

  3. TopTrainer says:

    I your hair with that top knot by the way. xx

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