Boss Lady

Get a guided tour of my often neglected body hair, like my arm hair, back of my neck, mustache and more, before sitting at my heeled feet to worship my hairy pussy.

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  1. mrpaulw says:

    Absolutely scrumptious!!!!!

  2. starball says:

    Una maravilla….eres preciosa Nikki, guapísima. Un beso desde España.

  3. shackwise12 says:

    made me cum too Nikki, sensational!

  4. wonderful worship video! ❤

  5. Kingarthur86 says:

    lovely and wonderful video Nikki, still waiting for your video with Sadie Lune

  6. starstagg says:

    Would you ever want to do this or any other theme at the top of a tree on a platform? Safety first, earth second. 😉

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