My First Boy Girl: Part 2

So you wanted to see me get fucked, did you? Here it is, 15 full minutes of just that. I get my hairy pussy pounded from behind, on my side, missionary, me on top, till finally, I cum. Then Shephard flips me over, exposing my fuzzy unshaved ass crack, and cums all over my hairy asshole. You have to see it to believe it!

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  1. Wow Nikki it is very satifing to see the boss lady get her beautiful hairy asshole creamed. Now I see why your site is so sucessful. Now if we could just see some of your other models get laid. Your awsome!

  2. Aw, the boss lady huh! Well there’s 2 more boy/girl scenes with this guy and I plan to do another round of them soon so you won’t be for want me getting my asshole creamed. 🙂

  3. chuckie1989 says:

    You are, quite simply, radiant.

  4. too beautiful to be real

  5. Nikki, I just subscribed your site (before 2 days). But I Can feel the difference in each scene and photo in this site, compared with other well-known sites. Keep going well!

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Thanks! I work very hard to keep the content as authentic and interesting as possible! We have a lot more variety and creativity than the big cookie cutter sites!

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