Bush Explosion

I stretch out my body in my sexy one piece before stripping out of it and masturbating!

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  1. Columbuswest says:

    Your natural scent after such a workout must be divine!

  2. That is the sexiest outfit I have ever seen Nikki wear – and get out of. The close ups are also, as usual, breathtakingly beautiful.

  3. One can never see too much of the gorgeous and deliciously hairy Nikki!!

  4. When or will we ever see another lesbian scene? I’m getting pretty disappointed in the content. You said one a month but that hasn’t happened. I’m definitely not into watching dudes banging chicks.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Thanks so much for your support kmack1118!

      As I’ve said before elsewhere and you can determine from looking at my update schedule, I alternate updating with a new model or a partnered scene every month. The majority of the partnered scenes are lesbian scenes but my next one coming up is a scene of Kisa and a guy.

      Everyone has different tastes, this site has primarily lesbian scenes over straight one’s.

      If girl/girl is your preference you are very welcome to click on the category ‘lesbian’ and enjoy the over 30 scenes we have there. I am unable to increase the amount of girl/girl scenes I shoot, the site simply doesn’t not bring in enough $$ and I am not willing to pay models less.

      You are welcome to sign up for my affiliate program to help me bring in more money and hence shoot more girl/girl: https://naughtynatural.com/affiliate-program/

      Or order a custom lesbian video from me: Nikki@NaughtyNatural.com

  5. If I may add another comment, I am delighted to learn that a boy/girl scene featuring Kisa is coming up!

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