Bushy Babes

Feisty Pearl has her eyes set on demure Ivy and take control, grabbing her by her epically long hair and kissing her passionately before making her way to her hairy armpits. These 2 slender and bushy beauty's lick and worship every part of each other's bodies before retiring to my the bed to lick each other's hairy assholes and pussy's. Authentic hairy lesbian sex at it's finest. xo

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  1. I have never seen girls more beautiful with bushes so thick & so long & so gorgeous in my entire life!!! Pearl & Ivy are my two favorite thick, hairy bush & pussy models on earth, their genetics are perfection! I love them toying & licking each others buses first, there is nothing on earth I love more than staring at a woman’s super thick, long bush. I was just noticing that at WeAreHairy, a lot of their models just lay in bed & spread right away & show their hairy pussies from below the whole movie; I love seeing a woman stand & let me take a good long look at her big, thick, long bush, I want to see how long the is, from the sides & see her pull it or get is sucked & played with like Pearl & Ivy do here, then lay down & spread & show everything! Holy God, these girls are heaven, their bushes make my cock harder than granite! I love how long a woman’s pussy hair is right around her clit, or where her lips begin, it’s usually the longest right there, just made for sucking & smelling & licking! This movie is hairy bush heaven, my penis is in throbbing, throbbing paradise! Pearl’s big, thick, long hairy bush makes my cock harder than granite; it may be the most perfect pussy on the face of the earth! The pussy licking is the most heaven I have ever seen, I can feel my heart pound as Pearl smells, then sucks Ivy’s long, dream heaven pussy hair, then gets inside it to taste her perfect pussy! I can only imagine the heaven Pearl must be tasting, Ivy’s smell & taste must be paradise! Omg, I love Pearl’s saliva getting Ivy’s long, gorgeous pussy hair so wet! There is no heaven on earth like seeing Pearl in the middle of Ivy’s thick, long pussy hairy tasting her heaven! One angle I love seeing at Girlsway & lesbian sites is the side view shot, with the girl’s mouth full on the other girl’s pussy licking & sucking it a lot, with the mouth full on the pussy, not just the tongue on it. I love seeing Ivy’s hairy pussy as she bends over & lets Pearl lick her hairy delicious asshole! Holy God, almighty, my heart is pounding as I see Pearls legs spread & see her big bush & hairy pussy as Ivy gets closer to it! Pearl’s is the longest & the most gorgeous, thick pussy hair on earth! I love seeing Ivy’s mouth deep inside all that thick, long, gorgeous pussy hair, swirling it & tasting that delicious pussy! I love seeing Pear’s pussy spread wide & how wet it is with Ivy’s saliva & seeing her open & contract her asshole! I would give anything on earth to smell & lick Pearl’s hairy asshole very day of my life!!! Ivy licks her hairy asshole exxxquisitely; omg her tongue slithers all over it & inside it-oh my god almighty, that is heaven! Thank you Nikki, that is the most heaven I have ever seen in my entire life!!!

  2. Wonderfull, I Hope more to see, Perhaps Pearl and Harley together in a lesbian sence

  3. Wow…unbelievable! Nikki you have out-done yourself on this one…great job. Just what I’ve been waiting for with your hairy girls. Please keep it going!!!

  4. KillahCock says

    I joined this site just to watch a pretty girl lick hairy nipples.

  5. Huraah !!!! Ms. Nikki. Unbelievable video! And models. Keep it up.


  7. Extremely hot! Mesmerizing 🤤👌💋🙏😘💖💕

  8. this is amazing. thank you!

  9. kamadazzle says

    Amazing! This is so hot.

  10. bigdickwill says

    Damn, Ivy has some serious curls down there.

  11. rmcintee says

    best ever!!!!!
    love the bush hair sucking

  12. They should have been wearing platform heels to show off their nice butt cheeks

  13. Absolutely incredible!! Asslicking by Ivy, outstanding!

  14. Pearl Cumming with her ass hole being tongue fucked was so hot. I would love to smell and taste her ass. I would love to do this every day.

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