Candy Crush

Kisa is having fun on her phone in her cute little dress. Guess she must be looking at something sexy because soon she starts touching herself through her panties...

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  1. eric marcus says:

    bow to this esqusite queen fur lined deline like creature

  2. Kisa´s videos are getting better and better. Am I wrong in pointing out that she looks more comfortable in front of the camera these days? The nervous giggles and noisy laughter from her first videos are absent. I know it´s a solo video this time, but she does move more naturally and seems more at ease now. Hopefully more to come from her.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      I think you are right in that she is a bit more comfortable. But also, I told her the input that you all asked, which was less giggling and laughing so she did it. I think it is some combo, she is more comfortable but also trying to fulfill your requests. I shot lots of her this spring so yes, there is for sure more to come!

      • Thank you, Nikki! Can´t wait to see more of Kisa! It may just be for a lack of investigation on my part, but NN is so far the only site where I have seen Kisa. Is she in a way exclusive to NN? That would be a major feat on your part, Nikki!

  3. OMG

    I think this kid is the sexiest women I’ve ever seen. I would lick each and every hairy
    off her ass. So cute So pretty So hairy. Please show us more!!!
    PLease PLease PLease


  4. gatoblanco says:

    Sexy little mama!

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