Hairy Bush

Caressa shows off her hairy body and masturbates in my bed!

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  1. shackwise12 says

    14 mins of the gorgeous Caressa, waking up in Nikki’s bed! Whose the lucky puss cat who just wandered in?!? Caressa wears a white top & grey shorts, she begins by doing various stretching exercises, touching toes, rubbing legs, lots of lovely deep sighs and breaths, Caressa bends over while kneeling, and we observe her shapely bottom! Some pubic hair is seen peaking out from the shorts, and we get a lovely close-up shot! Armpits are also zoomed in on,as Caressa removes her top and rubs those luscious hairy armpits! Some stimulation of her pussy thro’ the shorts, and we see Caressa’s breasts and nipples, bottom rubbing thro’ the shorts, then off they come, to reveal white panties beneath! More stretching, great close-ups of hairy calves, and is that a slight damp patch showing thro’ the panties? Down inside her pants goes Caressa’s hand, lots of ever increasing moans/groans and excited breathing! Off come the pants, lovely pubic hair and pussy, Caressa masturbates with increasing vigour! We also notice some thigh hair, then oh that explosive climax,close-up of gorgeous pussy lips and a gentle wind-down, breathing decreasing, rubbing hands over body, so contentedly!! Caressa has a perfect distribution of body hair and is a truly attractive model! Great entertainment, thank you Nikki !!

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