Hairy Fucking Machine

Caressa shows off her gorgeous, lithe, hairy body before laying down and enjoying herself with the fucking machine

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  1. shackwise12 says:

    The gorgeous Caressa, clad in a white petticoat, poses beautifully for us, her lovely mane of thick dark hair, tossed about tantalisingly , she displays her armpit hair whilst running her fingers through the lovely hair. Sitting on the couch, Caressa’s super leg hair is showcased, and then standing up, Caressa removes the petticoat to reveal very brief panties and bra! With super sexy movements, she runs her hands over that lovely svelte figure, with great close-ups of armpit, forearm and leg hair! With the bra removed, Caressa proceeds to the panties, which reveal lovely pubic hair protruding! We now see Caressa , totally nude in all her wonderful glory!! Here comes the Grand Finale!! The super f*cking machine, which Caressa prepares to encounter, laid on a rug by the couch! Slowly the dildo enters Caressa’s pussy, with rhythmic whirring sounds, which get steadily louder and more frantic, while Caressa rubs her excited clit, top speed is reached with Caressa climaxing with lovely moans and gasps!! Fab model, great presentation from Nikki, as ever, a Xmas treat for sure!!😍😍

  2. coccosmith says:

    Love the way it went in and out of that beautiful pussy.

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