A member requested a video of me doing chores. So I threw on some cute underwear and got to work doing dishes, scrubbing the floor, making the bed. And then I got too excited and started grinding my hairy pussy into the bed, before I knew it I was naked and spreading my wet pussy before before getting out a hitachi and making myself cum on all fours!

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  1. tacticusunum says:

    What a Babe!!!

  2. Love it! Great bra & panties!

  3. Too sweet, I can’t quite remember who requested the chores but it was actually great fun to film and I’ll have future models clean their own homes for me! Scantily clad!
    thanks for your compliments, as always,
    Nikki Silver

  4. I love it! This shows off your body in a very matter-of fact way, which I find very sexy. I like a site that has a balance between vids of girls doing ordinary things naked or scantily clad and the full-on masturbation & sex vids.

  5. Bobbyf22 says:


    You are too hot!!!!


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