Cleo and Nikki Dildo Fucking Fun

It's finally here, part two of mine and Cleo's hairy lesbian adventure!! After coming home from the park and warming each other up, I introduce her to my thick strapless strapon. It felt so fucking good having Cleo slide the dildo inside of me and work it with her mouth. Isn't she such a beautiful cock sucker?! I loved the way the dildo felt as she bobbed her head up and down, pushing it even deeper inside of me. After making me cum, I flip Cleo onto her back and fuck her meaty pussy with a thick dildo as I suck on those bouncy busty breasts of hers. Don't you love watching the way her big boobs jiggle with every stroke?! Gosh, it's so sexy... I know how much she loves it from behind, so I get her into doggy style and spread her gorgeous hairy ass cheeks as I fuck her pussy and taste her cute little asshole. Doesn't she sound so hot moaning into the pillow?! I love the way her hairy bush envelopes my face as I suck and lick at her juicy clit and swollen cunt. It doesn't take long before she's cumming in my mouth and I'm wrapped up in her arms for some pillow talk. It's always a beautiful time when I'm with Cleo! This video is for you if you enjoy authentic and candid lesbian sex with an all-natural twist. Lots of hairy pussy and ass licking, dildo fucking, and unbelievable orgasms. Be sure to check out part one if you haven't already! Where we strip naked and dance around in a public park before coming home to have some naughty lesbian fun.

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  1. dreadlocks123 says:

    love the hairy ass licking

  2. Very rousing scene. Like Cleo’s erected clitoris and labia at 15:19 minutes.

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