Picnic Time Part 1

Part 1 of this awesome video that Cleo and I made with Bianca shooting! Cleo and I are enjoying a picnic when we get to talking about frolicking around naked together. One thing leads to another, and we get up to start stripping each other down to our natural beauty. We spend a couple of minutes running around in the nude, enjoying the freedom that our hairy birthday suits bring us. Then we start making out and realize that too many people are around for us to get too naughty. We decide to head back to my house to have some real fun. In my bedroom, Cleo and I return to our natural hairy states. We kiss and explore each other's all-natural bodies in some of the most intimate of ways. Cleo has such a way with my hairy pussy! She makes me cum so fucking hard then I flip her over to return the favor. I kiss and slurp up all of Cleo's delicious juices while I finger fuck her hairy cunt to the most magnificent orgasm. She loved having my long tongue teasing her beautiful tight asshole! When she came, I could feel her pussy tighten against my fingers. Fuck, it was such a sexy day!

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  1. Damn cleo…you have the most beautiful cunt and cunt lips. I could spend hours sucking you. And your ass…oh how lovely to rim and tongue fuck your asshole. To fuck your cunt from behind and work fingers into your ass and lube your asshole so you could take my cock into your open ass. Heavenly. You could rub your clit while I fuck you, then cum. When I cum you woould spread you ass wide while I fuck you ass, then i would cumin and on you ass and cunt while you rub it into your cunt. then for a finish I would lick you cum civer asshole and cunt and kiss your mouth with my cum coverd mouth. . I like raunchy sex..you rock my cock. love ya

  2. Cleo you are very beautiful. Love the scene Nikki fingered your inner flower! Nikki did a great job for you!

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