Comic Book Nerd

Kisa is in a sexy little outfit, tight super mini skirt and top. She lays on her stomach reading a comic book and is turned on by a characters huge boobs! She sits up and starts playing with her nipples and soon her hand wanders down to her super thick bush...

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  1. Eivind Niclasen says:

    This video is a masterpiece of hairy porn. Nikki continues to set (and raise) the standard in our favourite genre of erotica. The video is perfectly paced, the close ups are better than ever, and – I´m all out of breath!

  2. OMG. Incredible. Increíble, Kisa es preciosa (Precious)

  3. Awesome! Thank you Kisa!!
    I agree with Eivind Niclasen about the pace of the videos here. Too often porn videos look as if the videographer has a taxi waiting with the meter running. Thank you, Nikki!!

  4. shackwise11 says:

    superb, outrageously brilliant Kisa!

  5. CaliBoy909 says:

    Damn she put the hard in hard on!!!

  6. GhostCat013 says:

    Now Kisa is definitely a hairy girl. Kisa is the main reason for my return to this site.

  7. Hi Kisa, beside your gorgeous and sexy hairiness I would love to compliment on another thing. I love your hands. You have beautiful fingernails with long nailbeds and super big moons. That looks great.

  8. Tophattoffee says:


  9. gatoblanco says:

    Wish I could but this on video.

  10. artsychiguy says:

    Super catwoman fantasy!!

  11. If a gorgeous natural woman is your drug you will overdose on Kisa. You can worship her hair from her face to her chest, arms, legs, meaty pubes, even her fingers. I would love to taste her, EVERYWHERE, when she is all sweaty. It must taste MAGNIFICENT.

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