Vivi plays with a new glass toy and gets her pussy nice and creamy! Beautiful close ups of thick, white cream in her dark black pussy hair.

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  1. mrpaulw says:

    Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. awildcat1 says:

    Nikki, Amazing work once again. The look on Vivi’s face as she cums is beautiful. The sounds she makes, I felt if I was right alongside you watching this wonderful woman reach the pinnacle of release.

  3. One of the most beautiful masturbation scenes I’ve ever witnessed. Absolutely amazing..Thank you!

  4. Vivi is amazing I have loved every scene that she has made. I haven’t seen them all but , I would love to bury my face between her beautiful legs and licking her beautiful pussy until I drove her crazy. What a beautiful girl

  5. Dchris85 says:

    Nikki……OMG, this scene is one of the most erotic I’ve ever laid my eyes on….vivi is so look beautiful, and the way she creams when she orgasms ahhhhh….
    Btw….please put vivi and Sadie line together in a scene…..I mean OMG i know…..NO, I guarantee, that if there in a room together, that scene, especially the bed, would be scorching hot…..especially since they both squirters. Please, I beg you, to make that happen

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