Curvy River Goddess

Magnolia wears white cotton panties and tank top and plays in the, actually, very cold river with her huge natural breasts. They hang as she reaches into the water, her nipples getting hard and the fabric wet and transparent. She disrobes and masturbates in an inner tube before getting down to business on a rock with her dildo.

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  1. Totally tubular… Rubenesque Magnolia always floats my boat!!!

  2. Magnolia is truly a goddess. Amazing. My all time favorite model on N & N. She’s the reason I joined the site. More of her, please, Nikki. Keep ’em comin’.

  3. benjamen69 says:

    very sexy magnolia love you bby !

  4. neversaydie says:

    Magnolia- the term BBW was probably just coined to describe you.
    Nikki she looks absolutely stunning and my favorite part is where she pirouettes on the floating thingy
    pushing her hands over with her beautiful pit hair on display!11
    Fantastic work Nikki!!!!

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